Denim has a diagonal texture, which differentiates it from other fabrics, and which varies according to the density of the threads with which the fabric is made, it is formed by warp threads (which are the ones that run along the fabric , parallel to the selvedge vertically), indigo blue, different shades of blue, gray or other colors, the weft threads, which run across the width of the fabric, crosswise or horizontally, are white or off-white .

The colors of this fabric initially varied from blue, brown or green; blue did not resemble the one used today.

General characteristics of textile denim

The different types of Denim are divided into:

The Word Ring with respect to Denim refers to an ancient technique used to manufacture denim, which has been implemented again today to produce aged fabrics.

In the world of Denim there are a large number of different ways to embellish a garment, with an endless number of finishes ranging from washing, wear and different techniques that offer great possibilities to the fabric.

Some of the most used techniques to process Denim are:

There are different types of techniques to process this type of garment, in which extreme wear can be carried out in which it is usually scraped and / or cut with blades and sharp tools to make a kind of break. New techniques have also emerged today to perform smoother and more novel effects and processes.

These techniques are the most basic, but it should be noted that they can be combined with others, to personalize any garment made in Denim.

How to care for Denim.

When you have a garment of this material, it is important to keep in mind that it must be washed separately, because it fades and can stain or dye other types of garments and a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

This type of fabric is preferred for active fashion lovers, since it is timeless, allows all kinds of combinations and can be used at any age.

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