There is a wide variety of fabrics for medical and nursing uniforms with blends of natural or artificial fibers, cotton, polyester and spandex, which have different characteristics suitable for various types and ideas of print.

Natural fibres such as cotton do not produce static and are easy to customise with a good printing or embroidery idea.

Polyester uniforms are more resistant to wrinkles and abrasion; they can also be customized with an original print idea according to your professional performance. This type of material can develop static electricity, so it is not suitable for surgical or radiology areas.

Although white is the colour par excellence, other colours with customised prints are currently being chosen, depending on the working environment. For example, healthcare personnel working in pediatrics wear gowns with friendly print ideas, which contribute to making children feel more pleasant and comfortable.

Women’s uniforms for health professionals have changed over time; from those white skirt dresses worn by nurses with the red cross logo to the present day, where they have become unisex except for some special features, such as the type of design and the inclusion of print ideas used in some parts or, failing that, in the entire garment. Healthcare professionals can use customized prints at their choice, or simply by differentiating themselves from their colleagues.

Some of the styles most used by women in the health field are the following:

  1. Medical Blouses: This is a wide and comfortable type of blouse, with a length above the hip, which is generally worn to match the trousers of the same colour, although some people prefer the two pieces in different shades.

In the market there is a wide range of options and ideas of prints that go from a detail, to the total printing of the blouse.

Among its features are options such as side or back openings, button or zipper on the front, crossed, adjusted to the waist and different types of collar (round, semi-round, V-shaped, Mandarin or Neru), and various pockets on the front.

  1. Medical shirt: These T-shirts are usually made of spandex and worn under the uniform shirt; they have round necks and long sleeves and are used with custom print ideas or full background in a contrasting color to the uniform.
  2. Medical jackets: Some uniforms are composed of 3 essential pieces that are jacket, undershirt and pants. These jackets come in the same material as the pants and usually have a front closure and side pockets. The models offered in the market are very similar to those of sportswear, so in this area there are different types of cuts, print ideas and personalization of the garment. They may come with or without pockets, with hoods, snap buttons and various types of collars.
  3. Lab coats: This is a garment for those who work in laboratories or doctors who use them to protect their usual clothing or over their uniform. In the health area the preferred colour is white; in operating rooms we can find green or blue, as these colours do not reflect light as white and interfere less with professional activity. Generally, the design of these gowns is in accordance to personal choice; they have in common that they are longer than the jackets or blouses for the uniform, they are almost always long-sleeved, with different types of pockets, side or back openings and some have a loop on the back, for a better fit. This type of garment is used very little in print; but some suppliers offer their customers different print ideas. An example of this may be an addition to the end of the sleeve, or to the collar.
  4. Medical vests: these are essential for the modern nurse, as they are the ones who use them the most, so that they are more comfortable when moving around in their work area. Styles vary just as much as those used in casual wear and each professional chooses the one that best suits their function. These, like lab coats, are rarely printed; but they can also have some print ideas, even on the fabric or inner lining of the garment.
  5. Medical Pants: This is a must-have garment to complete the uniform of health professionals; it is a comfortable garment, with varied styles, sizes and lengths. Pants vary according to length and design. They range from straight, jogger-type bottom-fit, cargo-type with side pockets, flared, with elastic in the waist, adjustment straps, waistband and button, and different pocket styles. It is unusual to see the whole uniform printed in the health area, but like the rest of the garments, it can be personalized with different details and print ideas on the waistband, sides or edges of the trousers.
  6. Medical caps: Also called operating room caps, this is a protective and isolating garment for different activities such as surgery. There are disposable hats, but the most used by medical personnel are those made of the same fabric as the uniforms; these are the ones that lend themselves best to developing different ideas for printing. The models vary according to taste, and the current trend is to wear them with customized prints combined with whole bottom uniforms or in matching with the whole uniform, which is generally in soft and reassuring designs.

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