Denim characteristics and properties

Denim has a diagonal texture, which differentiates it from other fabrics, and which varies according to the density of the threads with which the fabric is made, it is formed by warp threads (which are the ones that run along the fabric , parallel to the selvedge vertically)

We print your brand clothing, we tell you how

This process consists of adding color and design to a fabric to follow a certain trend, or adding a distinctive characteristic to a specific area of a garment. Sometimes the printing of clothing is part of the hallmark of a specific brand, which makes its customers identify everything concerning the brand’s advertising.

Denim, knows the textile with which jeans are made

Before referring to jeans, we must talk about Denim as a diagonal lines fabric in cotton fiber that emerged in Europe during the Middle Ages, for making work clothes. In France peasants wore costumes made from this material known as “cloth of Nimes” (deNim), hence its name.